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    廠商:美國Signal Recovery


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    DESCRIPTIONThe model 5106 is the tested printed circuit board assembly as used in the model 5105(see page 52) and therefore has the same specifications as that instrument. It isespecially suitable for OEM or multiple instrument use where the user is able to providean appropriate enclosure and the necessary unregulated DC power supply.Signal, reference and analog output connections are made either by connector orsoldering to Berg pins mounted at 0.1" centers on the board. Power should be suppliedto the on-board 5-pin 180?DIN connector from a remote source. TheSIGNAL RECOVERY model PS0108 is available as an optional extra for this purpose.Included with each unit is a copy of 5105Acquire, a simple but versatile softwarepackage supporting up to ten instruments for an IBM PC or compatible computer, givingaccess to all the instrument's controls and outputs. In addition, LabVIEW drivers areavailable for users wishing to use that environment to develop their own controlsoftware.Supplied complete with a 9-pin RS232 null modem cable, the card is ready to use oncepower is applied. Its especially low cost and highperformance mean that the use ofphase sensitive signal recovery techniques becomes cost-effective in even moresituations than ever before.FEATURES5 Hz to 20 kHz operation (orsingle 搒pot?frequency upto 100 kHz)Voltage mode inputSquarewave demodulationAdjustable low-pass andhigh-pass signal channeliltersUp to 80 dB dynamicreserveComplete with softwareAPPLICATIONSChopped lightmeasurementsMultiple instrument systemsTeaching the principles ofphase-sensitive detectionOEM抯

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