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    DESCRIPTIONThe model 7280 DSP Lock-in Amplifier is an exceptionally versatile instrument with outstanding performance. With direct digital demodulation over an operating frequency extending up to 2.0 MHz, output filter time constants down to 1 μs and a main ADC sampling rate of 7.5 MHz it is ideal for recovering fast changing signals. But unlike some other high frequency lock-ins, it also works in the traditional audio frequency band. In addition to its excellent technical specifications, it is also very easy to use. The front panel is dominated by a large electroluminescent display panel, used both to show the instrument's outputs and for adjusting its controls via a series of menus. Controls are set by a combination of the use of the keys surrounding the display and the numeric keypad, while four cursor-movement keys simplify use of the graphic display menus.Users of the SIGNAL RECOVERY models 7260 and 7265 will find switching to the 7280 very easy, since we've designed it with a similar menu structure. The only significant changes are in some of the control menus, where the better resolution of the display allows both the controls and the instrument outputs to be shown simultaneously, for even faster feedback on the effects of control adjustments.Naturally, the instrument includes the extended operating modes like dual reference,dual harmonic and virtual reference made popular by the 7260 and 7265, as well as the spectral display mode used to aid reference frequency selection. It also includes GPIB and RS232 interfaces for remote computer control and a range of auxiliary analog anddigital inputs and outputs. Compatible software is available in the form of a LabVIEW driver supporting all instrument functions, and the Acquire lock-in amplifier applications software. The driver and a free demonstration version of the software, DemoAcquire, are available for download from our website at www.signalrecovery.comIn summary, if you need a lock-in capable of working beyond the traditional audio frequency band but still want the drift-free performance that only digital demodulation brings, then look no further - you have found it in the SIGNAL RECOVERY Model 7280. FEATURES􀂊 0.5 Hz to 2 MHz operation􀂊 Voltage and current mode inputs􀂊 Direct digital demodulation without down-conversion􀂊 7.5 MHz main ADC sampling rate􀂊 1 μs to 100 ks output time constants􀂊 Quartz crystal stabilized internal oscillator􀂊 Harmonic measurements to 32F􀂊 Dual reference, Dual Harmonic and Virtual Reference modes􀂊 Spectral display mode APPLICATIONS􀂊 Scanned probe microscopy􀂊 Optical measurements􀂊 Audio studies􀂊 AC impedance studies􀂊 Atomic force microscopy

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